Go-Kart Racing Championship

If you have the need for speed, we have the solution for you! Come race at our indoor track with go-karts that go up to 40 mph!
Go-Kart Racing Price is $10

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Go-Kart Waiver

Waivers are available online for your convenience. Only parents or guardians can fill out waivers. Each driver must complete the forms prior to racing. Minors (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent OR have a copy of their parents' drivers license along with a signed youth waiver.

Fill Out Waiver

Lady Bugs 36" to 54" No
Airplanes 36" to 54" No
Bumper Cars At Least 44" (Max 275 lbs) No
Trampoline 40-200 lbs. No Height Limit No
Funplex Tower At Least 41" No
Fireball 54" - 6' 2" No
Ferris Wheel At Least 48" Yes
Skating At Least 36" Yes if under 18
Go-Karts Single Cars At Least 68" tall to drive, 15 Years old and up Yes if under 18
Play Port 52" and under Yes