Breathtaking Combination of Cinema and Roller Coaster Experience with Virtual Reality

Cinecoaster VR is the newest multidimensional xD cinema system that can simulate the most realistic roller coaster movements with the help of its 300 degree vertical axis front / back spinning and rolling axis. Simulator is present along with a 4 seat cylindrical cabin, VR technology and perfect motion synchronization with the limitless ride VR movie options and special effects wind, air, tickle and vibration.

vr movies

Ready to Race With The Best?

Playmotion World Rally Simulator Dual Stage is an impressive virtual reality experience that comes with two spectacular replicas, integrated on a custom designed black podium. It is a racing complex in itself which gives the closest feeling of a real exciting race experience equally good to the original one on the track.

world rally race simulator

Virtual Rides

Car Simulator
Coaster VR 360
Lady Bugs 36" to 54" No
Airplanes 36" to 54" No
Bumper Cars At Least 44" (Max 275 lbs) No
Trampoline 40-200 lbs. No Height Limit No
Funplex Tower At Least 41" No
Fireball 54" - 6' 2" No
Ferris Wheel At Least 48" Yes
Skating At Least 36" Yes if under 18
Go-Karts Single Cars At Least 68" tall to drive, 15 Years old and up Yes if under 18
Play Port 52" and under Yes